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Business Leaders

EFF SOURCE EXPO: The only fashion industry trade show dedicated to ethical sourcing, the SOURCE EXPO annually brings together inspirational fair trade and ethical suppliers from all over the world to London, attracting hundreds of fashion professionals from across the sector and securing widespread press and media coverage.

EFF SOURCE MAGAZINE: Set to become the world’s leading source of sustainable fashion business intelligence, the SOURCE MAGAZINE offers a stylish online platform for latest developments in the sector.

EFF SOURCE DIRECTORY: Set to become the worlds most comprehensive ethical sourcing and business database for the fashion sector.

EFF INNOVATION COMPETITION: The world’s leading ethical fashion competition, INNOVATION awards excellence in fashion design and sustainability, partners with the world’s leading fashion weeks and gains broad coverage in the mainstream fashion press.

TRAINING AND NETWORKING EVENTS: The EFF holds regular training and networking events worldwide around fashion and sustainability, including an annual Excellence in Ethical Fashion Conference.

RESOURCE MATERIALS: The EFF regularly publishes and distributes resource materials.

ETHICAL FASHION NETWORK: The world’s largest network of fashion professionals dedicated to sustainability, the EFF’s online Ethical Fashion Network has over 4000 members in more than 100 countries.

NEWSLETTERS: Issued to a dedicated industry network of over 12,000, with circulation set to double in 2011.

ONLINE PROMOTION: The EFF web platforms receive just under 50,000 unique visitors every month.