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CLICK TO DOWNLOAD BECOME A SPONSOR BROCHURE: Describing the work, achievements and goals of the Ethical Fashion Forum- for full details on why you should consider sponsorship of EFF.

1. Promote your company’s commitment to sustainability alongside one of the fastest growing and most inspirational movements in the world

2. Reach tens of thousands of people directly and through associated media coverage.

3. Associate your company with a groundbreaking initiative that has built a strong reputation and following from across the fashion sector, from the largest multinational retailers to the worlds most renowned designers and cutting edge talent.

4. Tap into the media opportunities associated with fashion- one of the most media friendly of topics and with an enormous following worldwide- multiplied by the EFF’s links with leading celebrities, high profile figures and supermodels.

5. Open doors and change lives for thousands of the world’s most vulnerable communities through supporting the EFF’s core work. The EFF works closely with international bodies from the International Trade Centre (an agency of the UN) to the Commonwealth, UNIDO, USAID and DFID- alongside thousands of businesses- to reduce poverty and change lives.

6. Make a difference to the environment. The work of the EFF secures better practices by thousands of fashion businesses and will transform the environmental impacts of one of the worlds most polluting industries.