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Our Vision And Goals:

  • The eradication of exploitation, hardship and environmental damage from the supply chains to the fashion industry and the practices of fashion businesses
  • The creation of a movement led by the fashion industry, for the fashion industry, which upholds and practices more than doing no harm- actively striving to add value for people and the environment, across the entire industry sector
  • Industry training and resources made available which ensure that every single UK fashion business is aware of how they can become more sustainable, why it is important, and where to find the tools to do so
  • The raising of consumer awareness in relation to sustainable fashion.
  • The creation of a clear and consistent system for communication of ethical standards by fashion businesses
  • A system of standards and regulations ruling out exploitative practices in the fashion industry
  • Broad and fundamental change towards better practices in the fashion industry within the next 10 years
  • The creation of a model and precedent for industry change which can be drawn from and built upon by other industries

Our vision

The Ethical Fashion Forum aims to develop a collaborative movement which will transform social and environmental standards in the fashion industry within a decade.