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Business Leaders


  • To create a consistent means of communicating companies ethical standards, achievements and goals to consumers and buyers.
  • To encourage and help to structure a progressive approach by businesses towards sustainability goals, taking into account challenges and opportunities faced.
  • To provide a level of support which is affordable and relevant to small and medium sized as well as more established businesses.
  • To facilitate shared practices, shared resources and better linkages amongst businesses with common sustainability goals.
  • To support, promote and raise the profile of businesses in the fashion sector with progressive sustainability goals and practices.


Ethical Fashion Forum membership has been set up to meet a specific need. The EFF supports businesses and organisations in the fashion sector which want to take progressive steps towards sustainability, need access to information, resources and expertise in order to do this, and want to communicate their ethical policies, targets and achievements to customers in an effective and credible way.

EFF membership is designed to compliment rather than to duplicate other initiatives, which exist to support fashion businesses in relation to sustainability.

It is also designed to be accessible and affordable for small to medium sized businesses and organisations which do not yet have the resources to commit to other schemes, or whose needs are not met by other schemes.

LISTED or PROGRESSIVE membership of the EFF does not mean that all members products meet specific ethical, fair trade or organic standards. In order to provide any sort of product accreditation, the EFF would need to visit and monitor members suppliers, and this would make membership fees so high they would be unaffordable for many businesses.

Organisations already exist which provide product accreditation and are working hard to expand this in the fashion sector. The EFF works to increase awareness of and engagement with formal accreditation systems amongst members.