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BBC Blast Scrap Fashion Competition 2006-07

The EFC worked with BBC Blast to develop and co-ordinate a competition and series of events aimed at raising awareness through creating creative opportunities around the issues of ethics and fashion.

Young people were invited to enter the competition online, by designing and creating clothes and accessories from second hand jeans. An online facility allowed young people to upload images of their designs to create an online database.

The website included information on the key issues of relevance to fashion and ethics, as well as creative tips and ideas.

The project received widespread coverage on TV , through the BBC network and schools and colleges across the country.

Ethical Fashion Workshops were facilitated by the EFC around the UK during 2006 and 2007, as a part of BBC Blasts travelling show.

Partnerships for the project were built with TRAID to supply fabrics, Estethica at London Fashion Week and the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris.

The project was showcased at Estethica at London Fashion Week, and winners travelled to Paris and watched their designs sashay down the catwalk at the Ethical Fashion Show.

BBC Blast

BBC Blast

BBC Blast is a BBC Learning initiative offering opportunities for young people to extend their interest in art, dance, music, film, writing or digital creativity, develop their own ideas, and showcase their work. The EFC worked with BBC Blast to develop and co-ordinate the BBC Blast Scrap Fashion Initiative.

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