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Fashion Bangladesh 2005

A trade networking trip by the EFF to Bangladesh led to the creation of the Bangladesh Design and Fashion Forum, a platform to facilitate connections between fair trade organisations, designers and sample units in Bangladesh and buyers and brands in Europe.

Following this, the Ethical Fashion Consultancy was appointed by the BBCC (Bangladesh British Chamber of Commerce) to a strategic and management role on a series of catwalk shows and events, as part of Expo Bangladesh 2005, held in September at London’s Barbican Centre.

The aim of these events was to showcase high quality fair trade and ethical fashion and textiles from Bangladesh. The work of both UK and Bangladeshi designers and businesses was showcased on the catwalk. The events organised as part of Expo Bangladesh showcased in particular exquisite Bangladeshi textiles made to fair trade criteria, such as jamdani, kantha embroidery, naturally dyed silks and cottons which provide a unique selling point other than low cost labour.

As part of each occasion, expert speakers were invited to introduce the issues and raise awareness of the opportunities for companies sourcing from Bangladesh to do so in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

The Fashion Bangladesh events attracted several thousand visitors including mainstream press, buyers, and public.



The Bangladesh-British Chamber of Commerce (BBCC) is an organisation aiming to support the British - Bangladeshi Community, to encourage their trade and investment and to motivate them to develop their business skills. The BBCC appointed the EFC on a strategic and management role on Fashion Bangadesh, as part of Bangladesh Expo in London.

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