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“This is not about the new colour for spring. It’s actually about the new direction of our industry”
Stella McCartney 2007

The Co-operative bank Ethical Consumerism report records that the market for ethical fashion has grown by 30% between
2004-5, to a value of £43 million.
Ethical Consumerism report 2005, The Cooperative Bank

“It’s not more expensive to create beautiful, ethically correct clothing, it’s just a lot more of a hassle… You have to make social and corporate responsibility darn sexy to get people to play the game” Peter Ingwersen, Noir 2007

7.1 million consumers think ethical clothing is quite / very important and find availability poor or very poor.
Ethical Clothing Report, Worldpanel fashion, TNS 2007 p.17

“Because fashion is so indicative of the political and social climate in which we live, what we wear will always be a symptom of our environment.” Alexander McQueen, 2002

“Luxury is not going out of style. It needs to change its style. We need to replace hollow with deep.” Tom Ford, 2000

1. Times a changing


“I do not think the eco/organic/fair trade movement is a trend. I think it is the beginning of a major shift in consciousness in the fashion business.”

Julie Gilhart, fashion director and Senior Vice President of Barneys New York