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Giorgio Armani’s first eco project started in 1995 with the development of a process to recycle denim. Truly revolutionary for the time, the jeans were displayed at the Science and Technology Museum of Milan. Later Armani Jeans developed new materials using 60% recycled wool and recycled cross dyed cotton. They then introduced hemp, eco washing, polyester from plastic bottles and worked with fair-trade cotton projects in Peru and Bolivia.

Orsola De Castro and Filippo Ricci curate Estethica at London Fashion Week, Slowhite in Milan and founded the fashion label From Somewhere. From Somewhere re-uses pre-consumer textile waste, such as off cuts, damaged fabrics and end of rolls, upcycling and reclaiming the unwanted to make beautiful clothes.

Rogan Gregory is the co-founder of Rogan, CEO of Loomstate and designer of Edun, the label owned by Bono and Ali Hewson. More recently he has also tapped into his skills as a product designer by producing furniture with an eco focus. His label Loomstate, known for its dominant use of organic cotton, attracted the interest of Eduns founders and through their support he has contributed to developing sustainable fashion supply chains in Africa.

Lynda Grose advises not for profit organisations on the production and marketing of organic cotton. She has been involved in the industry since 1990 when she co-founded the Esprit Ecollection, the first complete ecological clothing line distributed internationally by a major corporation.

Katherine Hamnett’s hugely successful career as a designer began in the 1980’s, with campaigns featuring the likes of Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer. Hamnett has used her prominence to raise awareness of the social and environmental problems within the fashion industry. Her uncompromising stance has garnered respect from her peers and inspired a new generation of ethical designers.

Peter Ingwersen is the designer and owner of Noir, a high end label which supports organic cotton farming in Sub Saharan Africa and donates a percentage of its profi ts to an agricultural foundation. Ingwersen has also developed a separate company Illuminati II which is designed as a vehicle to sell the organic cotton from African farms to other designers.

Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager have been creating unique recycled fashion from their base near Brick Lane for the past 10 years. Their label, Junky Styling, is known for transforming worn, discarded clothing, into truly coveted creations.

5. Influential designers

An introduction to some of the most influential eco-fashion designers