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22 November 2011

Fair Corp's innovative new website brings consumers closer to producers

FAIR CORP are excited to announce the launch of their new website which offers a range of Fair Trade and ethical products from trainers to wellies.

Their innovative website links individual products to Fair Trade producer stories from Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. This exciting new approach allows customers to know where their products have come from, who made them and how their purchases directly benefit the producers and their communities.

John Lewis, Co-founder of Fair Corp said; ‘We’re very happy with our new website and proud of the positive impact that our products have on the communities where they are made. We see bringing customers closer to producers as an important part of what we do.’

Visitors to the website will also find a new ethical blog, they can also rate and review their purchases and browse through 20 producer stories.

To find out more about the producer stories and the range of Fair Corp products visit them here.

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