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23 November 2011

SOURCE Network Member Spotlight: Goncalo Martins

SOURCE Network Member Spotlight: Goncalo Martins

Goncalo is a photographer specialising in fashion, editorial and commercial photography. Born in Portugal, at the age of eleven he moved to the UK where after High School he worked as a commercial web and graphic designer. By the age of twenty-one he had moved to Bristol where he pursued a career in fashion photography. He has enjoyed working with some great labels and designers, including the wonderful Maiya (Maiya’s Database listing). He also organises and runs photography and retouching workshops.

We asked Goncalo to tell us about his job and how the work of a photographer is impacted by the growth of sustainability and ethical factors within the fashion industry. He also gave us some advice to pass on to budding photographers and the inside gossip on what it was like to work with one of the loveliest ethical fashion brands….

To read the entire Q&A with Goncalo, follow the link below!

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