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6 December 2011

Global Mamas invite you to help them provide jobs for 23 women in Ghana

Global Mamas need our help to raise funds to purchase equipment needed to create 23 sustainable jobs for women in Ghana in their growing textile & sewing fair trade workshop in Prampram.

£11 ($17) Buys a Batiker’s Supply Kit (Dying Bowl, Apron, Mask, Gloves)
£15 ($24) Buys a Seamstress’ Supply Kit (Tape Measure, Scissors, Seam Ripper, Needles)
£35 ($55) Builds a Custom Batik Stamping Table
£55 ($86) Buys a Cast Iron De-Waxing Pot for Batik Fabrics
£213 ($333) Buys an Industrial Electric Sewing Machine

Last year many of you helped Global Mamas expand their NGO into a small fishing village in Southern Ghana called Prampram. Since then, they’ve employed 13 women, and one man (who obviously receives a lot of attention!) They’ve also had a number of volunteers from all over the world work with the women on business techniques, financial planning and design.

Global Mamas goal for 2012 is to hire an additional 23 women and expand their current workshop to include a rainwater collection system and eventually a portable building extension.

Here is a short video about the project as well as an inspirational story from one of the Mamas.

The site that is managing Global Mamas fundraising campaign is called Global Giving.

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