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12 December 2011

Welcome to the Fellowship 500 Rachel

Welcome to the Fellowship 500 Rachel

We’d like to introduce one of our new Fellows! Rachel from Funky Jewellery & Bags has recently joined the Fellowship 500, our new collaboration with pioneering innovators in sustainable fashion. She is understandably busy in the run up to Christmas, but we caught up with her to ask about her new Fellowship & find out why she was so determined to make her business a sustainable one.

Why did you decide to apply for an Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship?

I Strongly believe in ethical fashion and assume that we cannot continue to produce and create fashion without any consideration for the aftermath. Learning about & creating ethical fashion can be a daunting prospect, but the EFF is incredibly useful for meeting like minded people. I can exchange experiences about setting up and making ethical business work; the more we pool our understanding, the more we can help each other to grow. Also, having access to the SOURCE Database is great as it helps me to take an active part in changing the world of fashion.

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