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Woodlawn Terrace
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
United States
Main Contact
Tera Herman
Tel: (814) 934-7226

Key products/services

A socially conscious brand offering handcrafted exquisite jewellry celebrating women while supporting global MAternal HEalth and Neonatal Development Initiatives


MAHENDI Projects was born out of a shared desire to make a difference in the world. Realizing that together, they could do more, six women fused their talents and experiences to create this fashionable cause. They curate thoughtfully designed and ethically sourced jewelry that celebrates and supports safe motherhood initiatives worldwide.

After traveling and working in Africa, Mexico and Nepal, the founders of MAHENDI become acutely aware of the maternal health risks facing women worldwide. With a belief that a safe pregnancy and childbirth is a universal human right, their hope is to become the symbol of safe motherhood worldwide. A portion of MAHENDI’s net proceeds go to global maternal health and neonatal initiatives.

The MAHENDI logo is at the heart of each of their designs and was adapted from an ancient symbol of protection. Throughout history, women painted sacred talisman on their bodies to protect themselves from harm during pregnancy and childbirth. The MAHENDI symbol reflects their commitment to safeguarding women and infants. The four points of the symbol represent clarity, wisdom, strength and grace – a mantra reflecting the philosophy and values behind the MAHENDI brand.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

MAHENDI is a socially conscious brand built on sustainability and offering handcrafted, exquisite jewelry and products that celebrate safe motherhood.

MAHENDI is committed to:
• donating back to organisations that provide services and/or support maternal health and neonatal development initiatives;
• working with women artisans to improve their livelihoods;
• sustainably sourcing materials;
• and continually working with integrity in their business practices, remaining ethically conscious and aware of our impact on society and the environment.

Contact Info

PR Contact
Vanessa James vanessa@mahendiprojects.com

Graphic Design
Danielle Oakes dani@mahendiprojects.com

NGO/Non-Profit Relations Contact
Heather Ditillo Heather@mahendiprojects.com