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Future Fashion

United Arab Emirates
Main Contact
Ayesha Siddequa

Key products/services

Responsible revolution.


Future Fashion (FF) is a platform created to bring together fashion driven sustainable products from around the world. It’s main purpose is to maximise benefits to people and communities while minimising impact on the environment.

The concept is Sustainable Fashion, in all of its various expressions – recycle, reuse, up-cycle, repurpose, slow and ethical fashion.

Ayesha Siddequa, Creative Director, has a very ambitious vision to see Future Fashion not only become a one-stop-shop for a range of sustainable fashion products from around the world but also to pave the way for the next generation.

FF will host awareness campings, educational events, seminars & workshops to share the knowledge and help in any way it can to change todays fashion industry model into a sustainable one.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

All the brands FF partner with fulfil at least three or more of these standards:

    – Use of natural and more sustainable fibres, whether chemical free (such as organically-grown cotton or hemp, which requires no pesticides), closed-process (Tencel instead of rayon), up-cycled (recycled hemp fibres, batting made from recycled PET soda bottles), or surplus (also referred to as reclaimed, vintage dead stock, overstock, or mill-end)

    - Manufactured locally

    - Responsible disposal of production waste

    - Produce custom and handmade designs to ensure uniqueness

    - Committed to ethical business practices, providing transparency about sourcing and manufacturing techniques

    - Supporting and strengthening local communities by participating in educational outreach, teaching workshops, and sharing experiences and resources

    - Must have a positive social and/or environmental impact

    - Must be sweat-shop free

    - Commitment to carbon offsetting

    - Certified by international bodies such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex, Fair trade, SKAL etc.

    - Supporting local artisans by selling their work and paying fair wages

    - Funding sustainable projects