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The Basement
59 Buckingham Road
Brighton BN1 3RQ
United Kingdom
Main Contact
Talia Hussain
Tel: +44 7717 707 160

Key products/services

Organic men’s outerwear and accessories.


RAMNATION is founded on the belief that what you wear matters – and so does its provenance. The brand started at the beginning to create a supply chain that would be as attractive as the final product.

At every step, RAMNATION strives to create something that puts their values and heart in their sleeves, (and scarves and hats).

RAMNATION aims to produce a linen collection in the short term. In the long term they aspire to change the perception and idea of the way clothes are bought.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

RAMNATION’s primary focus is on making use of natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials, while eliminating harmful waste and by-products. As tons of textiles are sent to landfills each year, RAMNATION aims to create a garment with a lasting style that will easily break down when its useful life ends.

By carefully choosing the suppliers they work with, and working within the UK, the brand can support local business and workers while working to minimise the harms normally associated with the garment industry.

— British wool: Natural, renewable, biodegradable. Wool yarns are made from the fleeces of Britain’s traditional and rare breed sheep.

— Natural and non-toxic: All of the dyes and printing inks are natural and/or organic. Even the (recyclable) buttons are produced without chemical finishes.

— Local production and jobs: The supply chain is entirely UK based. British sheep raised on British farms. A Cornish mill, with an organic certification. A family run factory in Nottinghamshire.


Pricing information

Wholesale: £25-£225 (GBP)

Retail: £60-£395 (GBP)

Minimum order criteria


Closest shipping ports

For wholsale customers: UK based, can ship small orders by courier from the studio. Larger orders may come from their suppliers.

For retail customers: Currently ship within the UK, but are looking to expand.