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Artisan Resource

New York
United States
Main Contact
Allison Garafalo
Tel: (845) 825-0019

Key products/services

Platform connecting artisanal enterprises and products with US importers.


Artisan Resource® at NY NOW® is a New York based production and sourcing venue showcasing overseas artisanal and handmade products for the US market. Acting as a platform, Artisan Resource connects international artisans and exporters with US importers, wholesalers, distributors, designers and major retailers.

Launched in August 2012 by Emerald Expositions, Artisan Resource helps link artisans and global markets in order to increase incomes and standard of living of individuals in developing countries.

The presented exporters exhibit products and collections ranging from gifts, home decor, textiles, jewellery, tabletops, stationary to fashion accessories. By supporting these international, artisanal enterprises, Artisan Resource is also meeting the growing demand for handmade, artisanal products on the US market.

The semi-annual trading event showcases 2,800 exhibitors, draws in 33,000 visitors from across the country and is accompanied by a number of seminars on FOB pricing, customs, warehousing and distribution. The August 2014 show reached 32 countries and over 155 artisans.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Artisan Resource specifically focuses on artisanal and handmade products from around the world. The event showcases, promotes and supports international artisans and enterprises seeking to connect with designers and importers in the US. Companies that exhibit in Artisan Resource are committed to design innovation, cultural preservation, social enterprise and sustainability.

Artisan Resource caters to companies offering handmade products and custom design/private label production at export prices (FOB country of origin) and terms. On average, minimum orders are $2,000+ and target buyers are importers who are responsible for international shipping, import duties and distribution costs. Importers include wholesale companies, designers, national retail chains and select mail order catalogs.