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Near and Far

Main Contact
Lucilla Magherini Heusch

Key products/services

A curated collection of treasures from around the world.


Founder Lucilla Magherini Heusch, has found herself travelling many places for lengthy periods of time. She always passionately dedicated her free time to exploring local markets and discovering the endless tiny, tucked-away shops as well as the many artisan workshops where unique and extraordinary items, which she had never seen before, are created.

Later, while travelling, Lucilla developed the idea of creating a curated collection of all the extraordinary items she was discovering, then to showcase them in an online marketplace. That is how near-and-far.com came to be. Upon exploring the website, you will be accompanied on a “shopping journey”, both near and far. With no need to move an inch from your home or office desk, near-and-far.com offers you the experience of becoming a true “globe-shopper” and purchasing any of the various accessories, clothing, household articles or jewellery Lucilla has personally and carefully chosen for you during her travels to so many fascinating destinations and which she will tirelessly continue to explore.

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Ethical Focus & Policy


A portion of the profits are dedicated to adding value in social and environmental terms; this is done by supporting Oxfam with an annual donation.

Environmental standards

Marron Rouge products are produced with recycled tyre. Other products are produced with eco-leather.


Near and Far is committed to sourcing products of the highest quality.