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Main Contact
Marko Kiisa
Tel: (372) 5227422

Key products/services

52% textile waste reduction through an upcycling method.


Aus Design’s offers an upcycling design method that integrates industrial amounts of leftover materials back into the design and production cycle.

On-site, without any need to relocate or down-cycle the material. The method is implemented through passing an UPMADE® certification process.

UPMADE® reduce wasted virgin textiles up to 52%, saving up to 88% of energy and 75% of water with each piece of upcycled garment.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Aus Design creates unique up-cycled designs to help take the next steps towards environmentally friendly fashion design.

All products come with detailed information about origin and calculation about environmental impact. There’s also the possibility to get Cradle To Cradle certificate in the near future.

In the apparel industry, Aus Design believes that change is only possible by changing the conventional way of design.

Implementing their solutions results in up to 52% waste reduction, saving up to 88% of energy and 75% of water with each piece of upcycled garment and increasing the production volume up to 10%.

Contact Info

Main Contact:
[email protected]

Brand website:


Products and services

• An upcycling design method and B2B solution
• UPMADE® certification process.


Review case studies.

Minimum order criteria

No minimum

Typical Product lead times

Small orders: 2-4 weeks
Large orders: Up to 3 months

Closest shipping ports

Shipping from Estonian intermediate storage or in case of bigger orders directly from Bangladesh.