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Fashion & Compassion

1717 Cleveland Ave
Charlotte NC 28203
United States
Main Contact
Michele Dudley
Tel: (704) 3095597

Key products/services

Connecting Communities with Beauty & Dignity.


Fashion & Compassion is a non-profit whose vision is to transform communities through holistic economic empowerment that brings dignity and opportunity to individuals who have been caught in a web of poverty and injustice.

Fashion & Compassion accomplishes its mission in 3 ways:

- Providing holistic employment opportunities to vulnerable women in communities around the world;

- Educating customers about issues & injustices facing women around the world;

- Raising funds through product sales for our Collaborative Partners who address the spiritual, emotional & physical needs of brand’s Artisans.

Fashion & Compassion offerings include:

Bullets to Blessings Collection – Handcrafted from recycled bullets & other elements of brass, copper and nickel silver by HIV-positive women in Ethiopia.

Community Collection – Beautiful jewelry hand-stamped in a rural village in the heart of Mexico where families remain intact because of work available through a local metal workshop.

Dignity Collection – Versatile & fun paper bead jewelry that brings you BEAUTY & our Artisans DIGNITY. The women who create the paper beads were previously busting rock in a quarry for 50 cents per day.

Freedom Collection – Combines Coptic pieces from Ethiopia with shimmering crystals & semi-precious gemstones. The women who make this stunning statement jewelry include refugees, formerly homeless women and survivors of labor & sex trafficking.

Hope Collection – Created out of nature-inspired elements including seeds, nuts & orange peel, these earth-friendly products are bringing hope & a future to young girls who have been rescued from brothels in Ecuador.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Fashion & Compassion focuses on serving women who are overcoming injustices who have few other opportunities for employment. Most of the projects provide transitional and/or permanent employment to these women. Fashion & Compassion supports NGO’s/non-profits in the communities where it works through the sales of product. Fashion & Compassion utilises eco-friendly materials and pays fair wages to artisans.

When Fashion & Compassion artisans “graduate” from the project, they are more whole emotionally, financially and spiritually. Fashion & Compassion connects them with the local community resources they need to heal and move on with their lives.

The artisans Fashion & Compassion works with are mostly women overcoming poverty and oppression. Projects are run in Charlotte, NC, USA and Kampala, Uganda and we partner with like-minded empowerment groups in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Honduras and Mexico. Fashion & Compassion visits each project at least once per year to help improve the design/production process.


Pricing information

Wholesale: $5 – $200 (USD)

Retail: $9 – $250 (USD)

Products and services

Fashion & Compassion products include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, scarves, baskets and purses. Most products are available for wholesale purchase.

Custom jewelry design and manufacturing services are also available.

Samples of any custom jewellery designs are provided for approval.

Minimum order criteria


Typical Product lead times

Depending on the size of the order, 2 days to 6 weeks.

Closest shipping ports

Shipping from Charlotte, North Carolina, to any country but the cost vary based on location/size of the order.

Most orders are shipped out within 2-3 business days.