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Five P Venture

Main Contact
Bharathi Devarajan
Tel: (+91) 9500935115

Key products/services

Manufacturer of pure handwoven fabrics and products for the niche market


Founded in 2013, Five P Venture Pvt. Ltd. aims to protect, preserve and promote the handloom textile weaving heritage of Chennimalai in Southern India.

Chennimalai, a small town near Erode, Tamil Nadu, was once well known for its highly skilled weavers. Today, this town is witnessing a steady decline in the number of weavers due to the intervention of power looms, uneven economic development and sociocultural factors that have slowly suffocated the ecosystem in which this traditional practice once flourished.

Our main fabric categories are as follows:

  • CLASSIC – Natural cotton and linen of varied counts
  • ORGANICGOTS certified hand-woven cotton fabric
  • NATURAL DYED – Beautiful hues of naturally dyed hand-woven fabric
  • DENIM – Our speciality fabric in various weave and indigo combinations
  • RECYCLED – Fabric woven from reclaimed cotton fabric

Our case study has shown that for most handloom weavers in Chennimalai, the first priority is survival and finding respectable work all year round. In this village, there is no lack of skill and technical expertise. At Five P Venture we are confident that a proactive approach to develop new strategies based on design must clearly guide the weavers to a path that will ensure security and stability.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Five P Venture consciously prioritizes the socio-economic well-being of the people behind the Chennimalai weaving tradition by:

  • Providing consistent and adequate compensation to weavers; maintaining a sustainable, work-friendly and state of the art weaving facility
  • Investing in design and marketing to attract socially conscious connoisseurs of handloom textile from around the world
  • Grooming the next generation of weavers with a progressive mind-set and hence facilitate the evolution of the weaving tradition for the contemporary market


  • We are a highly ESG – (Environmental, Social and Governance) compliant facility
  • The idea of Five P is not to be private and exclusive; it is rather to be public and inclusive.
  • It is designed to support proliferation of its ideas across a larger audience that are passionate about their heritage skills
  • We use the principle of “complementing partnerships” instead of “competitive aggressions” to achieve economic growth and social progress for the community it serves
  • Five P’s wealth creation follows a format that returns a significant part of the value it generates back to the artisans via salary, dividend and market capitalization

Carbon neutral production facility
Access to GOTS certified cottons
Green building – production unit
Electricity consumption – Solar power generation
Fair wages for all employees
Year round employment for the weavers


Bandhini Homewear Design (Australia)
Sita Bell (UK)
Manisha Organic (Australia)


Pricing information

INR 500 – INR 2000

Products and services


- We offer excellent eco-friendly and hand-woven fabrics using superior quality yarns that ensures durability and comfort. We have a wide range of fabrics in different colors, designs, weights, yarn counts and textures. – We customize hand-woven fabrics as per the client’s requirement – We provide sewing services for both apparels and home furnishing products

We welcome anyone who has a small to medium sized business set up and wants to source either fabrics or finished products from us as per your design specifications. We are compliant socially and ethically as per the fair trade practices.

We encourage partnership and collaboration with:

- Fashion and home textile designer entrepreneurs – Fashion and home textile design houses and boutiques – Handloom retailers – Handloom wholesalers – International buying houses and agencies – Channel partners

As we offer end to end support for our clients, we outsource services for:

- Block printing – Batik printing – Embroidery – Screen printing – Digital printing


Five P has a prototype development unit and this service can be utilised by clients for their sample development.
Very friendly sampling environment. If stock is available even 5 meters can be bought as sample.

- Professional management – Quick response time – Transperant systems

Minimum order criteria

100 meters

Maximum order criteria

3000 meters

Typical Product lead times

45 – 60 days

Closest shipping ports

Shipment modes available are: Courier, Air shipment and sea shipment

Both FOB and CNF modes can be adopted