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Main Contact
Abraham Paucar
Tel: (593) 985250514

Key products/services

Jewellery woven with horse hair.


SUMAK MAKI AWANA is formed of craftsmen who produce jewellery with horse hair; the production of the jewellery is made by families and members of the community who use an ancient art that has been taught for generations.

Their weaving technique is a tradition that comes from a pre Inca ethnic group called Jilajaló. This community is still located in Ilalo Hill, the land of their ancestors.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Sumak Maki Awana is formed by an entire community of families that work together for the development and support of their economy and the protection of the environment of the area.

With the income generated by the selling of the products, the association protects and preserves the nature of Ilaló Hill; they are also supporting the horses’ welfare and keeping an ancient tradition alive.

All the products are hand-woven and use natural and organic materials. To add colour to the horse hair Sumak Maki Awana use plants, roots and leaves that are endemic of the region; everything in their production is eco-friendly. The jewellery is made up of 90% of horse hair and a mixture of seeds and stones from the forest.

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Pricing information

$35.00 – $100.00

Minimum order criteria

20 units

Maximum order criteria

50 units

Typical Product lead times

50 days.

Closest shipping ports

Ship worldwide through the national exportation program Exporta Fácil from Correos del Ecuador. Up to 4 days.