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AMUKISHMY, Shiripuno Women Organisation

Main Contact
Marjorie Grefa
Tel: (593) 984587111

Key products/services

Manufacturer of native clothing and jewellery.


Amukishmy is an association of Kichwa women located in the Ecuadorian Amazon. They live in communion with nature keeping their ancestral culture alive.

They produce traditional costumes and cultural jewellery made of natural fibres and seeds that are collected from the Amazon jungle.

The association engages in the production of handicrafts and community-based ecotourism in order to preserve their land and their customs.

Each product carries a legend and a special favor from the jungle gods. Like the famous Guairuro seed which is known as an attractor of good luck and prosperity.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Amukishmy are focused on rescuing the customs that are being lost through contact with the modern world whilst trying not to hinder the development of their population.

One of the missions they have is preserving and enhancing the ancient skills and the Kichwa knowledge.

The jungle is a source of life and this community respects and defends their environment. Working to save their animals and their people from extinction and pollution.

The commercialisation of the products they make is an income that supports the development of the community and aids protection of the amazon jungle.

Since everything they manufacture is natural and organic, there is no environmental impact.

Contact Info

You can contact Amukishmy directly at [email protected]. However, please note the artisans only speak Spanish.

Please contact Felipe Yerovi if you do not speak Spanish.

Pricing information

• Necklaces: $30

• Bracelets: $20

• Earrings: $15

• Typical Costume: $150

Products and services

Ecuadorian, Amazonian jewellery and traditional costumes, all made with natural and organic fibres.

Minimum order criteria

20 units

Maximum order criteria

100 units

Typical Product lead times

Up to 20 days.

Closest shipping ports

Ship worldwide through the national exportation program Exporta Fácil from Correos del Ecuador. Up to 4 days.