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Main Contact
Edison Valencia
Tel: (593) 986824783

Key products/services

Jewellery made with vegetable ivory/tagua nuts.


Tropitagua is an association of artisans, located in Sosote, a commune in Manabí – Ecuador. They produce jewellery made from tagua nuts; respecting nature, the environment and ancestral practices.

This organisation brings together 36 partners with the mission to support the economy of the families through the ancient technique of carving tagua.

Tropitagua create necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by the wildlife and natural shapes that surround them. The quality, detail and design are important factors for their production with the aim to create products that have an international market as well as local.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Around 150 families in the Sosote commune benefit from the economic activity of the tagua. 36 artisans of Tropitagua work together in a responsible and environmental way.

Tropitagua uses natural dyes to colour the products meaning the production chain is clean and free of chemicals.

The use of the tagua nut is particularly sustainable because the palms produce this fruit almost all year round, there is also no need to harm the plant or any native animal to pick the nut.

Tropitagua also seek to preserve the ancestral knowledge of indigenous communities in the region who have been engaged in this trade for generations.

Contact Info

You can contact Tropitagua directly at [email protected]. However, please note the artisans only speak Spanish.

Please contact Felipe Yerovi if you do not speak Spanish.

Pricing information

$35.00 – $45.00

Products and services

Jewellery, figures and animals, all made from tagua nut.

Minimum order criteria

10 units

Maximum order criteria

1000 units

Typical Product lead times

45 days for large order.

Closest shipping ports

Ship worldwide through the national exportation program Exporta Fácil from Correos del Ecuador. Up to 4 days.