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La Casa de la Makana

Main Contact
José Jiménez
Tel: (593) 995699163

Key products/services

Production of Ikat fabrics.


La Casa de la Makana, a social organisation, manufactures handcrafted clothes and fashion accessories in Ecuador.

The makana or “shawl” is one of the major clothing accessories for women who want to look classic with a touch of an ethnic style. La Casa de la Makana produce shawls that are known worldwide for their quality and unique colourful designs.

Today, the makana’s are still produced with natural dyes and the ancient technique of Ikat. The instruments used for the manufacture of these garments are part of an Ecuadorian tradition, skilled labor is required to manage the looms.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

La Casa De La Makana use natural fibres such as cotton, wool and alpaca coloured with natural dyes to produce their ikat weaves.

The artisans/ members of the organisation benefit their families and communities through this trade.

Weaving Ikat is taught to young people in the community who can find value in this skill. La Casa De La Makana focuses on generating employment in the local community practicing fair trade policies.

The organisation is comprised of 30 craftsmen and their families who are involved in this craft profession, who are credited with keeping this art alive.

Contact Info

You can contact Sarum Maki Yachay directly at [email protected]. However, please note the artisans only speak Spanish.

Please contact Felipe Yerovi if you do not speak Spanish.

Pricing information

$20.00 – $60.00

Products and services

Woven ikat fabrics, and

• Vests
• Handbags
• Embroidered tablecloths
• Embroidered shawls
• Shirts
• Scarves
• Wallets/purses
• Carpets
• Ponchos
• Shoes women / men

Minimum order criteria

12 units

Maximum order criteria

70 units

Typical Product lead times

20 days.

Closest shipping ports

We ship worldwide through the national exportation program Exporta Fácil from Correos del Ecuador. Up to 4 days.