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Reykjavik 110
Main Contact
Heidrun Sigfusdottir
Tel: (0354) 6948850

Key products/services

The essence and nature of Iceland into a classical design that offers comfort and quality.


Dimmblá is an eco-conscious Icelandic clothing brand that offers comfortable casual clothing for the independent and confident woman. Dimmblá is Icelandic for “deep blue.” Iceland has a lot of blue, from its magical waterfalls to gushing hot springs and glacier lagoons. At Dimmblá, the designs reflect the spectacular and unpredictable mystery that is nature.

Dimmblá‘s collections are known for their simplicity and comfort and feature unique prints taken directly from nature.

Dimmblá‘s 2016 Glacial collection is a reflection upon the current effects of climate change on the planet and in particular the threat that global warming has on the world’s glaciers. The collection features photos of icebergs and glaciers and includes dresses made of tencel, and scarves made of banana fabric.

“We prize the planet. So nature is essential to us and our designs reflect some of the world’s most captivating natural wonders. For this reason we use only eco-friendly fabrics and give back by supporting environmental organizations that protect our world for today’s and tomorrow’s generations”.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Dimmblá‘s goal is to reduce waste and they do that by using more sustainable fabrics that are produced from crops requiring none to low level of chemicals to grow, use less water and leave less waste during production.
Dimmblá scarves are made of banana fabric, which is made in only a handful of places in Southeast Asia. The raw materials come from the stem that farmers leave in the garden after a banana harvest. The tree stalks and leaves are removed and processed into a pliable fibre. These stalks are being used as a new valuable resource instead of of pollutant when when dumped or burned once the fruit is cut off. The material makes a fine, silk like fabric.

Dimmblá‘s products not only feature beautiful designs of nature itself but created and designed to preserve nature for today and tomorrow. Therefore for every piece sold from Dimmblá‘s collections a donation goes towards those who directly support the natural world.

Dimmblá works in partnership with the Icelandic environment association Landvernd, and supports the international organization Oceana.


40-65 years old women.


Pricing information

Wholesale: €69 – €139

Retail: €249 – €469

Products and services

Women’s dresses and scarves.

Minimum order criteria

40 pieces per style.

Maximum order criteria

Subject to discussion.

Typical Product lead times

Orders are placed twice per year in January to February for delivery in July to September and ordered in July to September for delivery in January and February.

Closest shipping ports

Ships internationally. Terms to be discussed.