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AOW Handmade

Boulder, CO
United States
Main Contact
Annie Waterman
Tel: (720) 839 5396

Key products/services

AOW Handmade offers reporting and consulting services to help connect buyers and artisan suppliers.


AOW Handmade is a the go-to source for all things artisan and handmade. AOW Handmade travels the world to bring new artisan and handmade resources directly to designers, wholesalers, and retailers.

AOW Handmade brings unique handmade goods to the mainstream consumer while sustaining craft traditions and creating market exposure for artisans worldwide. AOW Handmade reports provide invaluable insight on industry trends, trade shows, and suppliers, while our consulting and scouting services provide personalized expertise to buyers interested in ethical sourcing.

AOW Handmade offers three main services:

- Sourcing & Scouting

- Product Development

- Reporting

Founder Annie O. Waterman has accrued over a decade of experience working within the global artisan sector. Annie helps her clients source socially responsible artisan products and cultivates mutually beneficial partnerships between buyers and artisans. Having spent many years in the field, Annie offers a diverse set of skills, including product development, market research, business mentoring, and artisan sourcing.

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