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Shanghai Rebel

Main Contact
Edwina Walsh
Tel: (61) 477028514

Key products/services

Strategic revitalisation for SME and Brands.


Shanghai Rebel started operation in 2014, founded by Edwina Walsh.

Working with mainly with small to medium companies, traditionally third party suppliers to large retailers, Shanghai Rebel offers support through consultancy.

Shanghai Rebel’s focus is on helping businesses recognise and focus on core strengths and capabilities, as well as building other opportunities through new business initiatives or new brand creation.

Shanghai Rebel work with these companies to build brands that utilise sustainable raw materials, are ethically sourced, encouraging them to forge where possible a connection with the local community, allowing them to give back.

They also work with brands whose offer has become tired, sales are slow, giving an independent assessment of their offer & products, and identifying new products and opportunities to reinvigorate their offer.

Having had a long successful career as a buyer, with a multi-million dollar portfolio Edwina Walsh’s focus is firmly on best commercial outcomes. Earlier roles highlighted a passion for forecasting & identifying new trends, as well as creating some iconic private brands.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Shanghai Rebel was established in the wake of the Rana Plaza factory collapse.

Edwina Walsh was working at the time for a large discount retailer, and was being pushed to source cheaper goods from Bangladesh.

She had entered the industry she loved with passion and excitement, and walking through factories in Dhaka felt a sense of sorrow.

So she decided to make a life change. Working with clients who were not purely driven by the bottom line, as Edwina truly believes, if you manufacture products that are responsibly sourced, profits will follow.

Customers are increasingly pushing back on retailers selling cheap copies. The times are changing!

Pricing information

Consultancy fees depend on specific projects, contact for details.

Products and services

• Strategic Re-invigoration
• Working with companies to re-strategise their direction in the face of global disruption.
• New Brand Creation – creating new business opportunities to combat changing business outcomes.

Typical Product lead times

Depends on project.