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Elicia Hats

Main Contact
Cruz Chavez
Tel: (593) 97459282

Key products/services

Handwoven toquilla straw hats.


The women’s association Elicia Anchundia Delgado was named in tribute to the person who shared with the community, the knowledge of weaving the toquilla straw hats. Located on the Ecuadorian coast, these women keep alive a tradition which is considered by UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The Association consists of 20 members that make these hats in order to support the economy of their community and to preserve the natural toquilla fields that surround them. The skilled hands of these artisans weave thick and fine hats which are internationally known as Panama hats, even though the tradition and the weaving are 100% Ecuadorian.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

For the artisan women members of this association, is important to maintain the ancestral and cultural knowledge like hand weaving and nature preservation. The raw material they use is toquilla straw, and the skilled hands of the artisans. Over six families from Santa Ana´s community improve their income from the sale of these crafts by practicing fair trade policies.

Pricing information

from $30.00 to $250.00

Minimum order criteria

30 thick hats / 5 fine hats

Maximum order criteria

60 thick / 20 fine

Typical Product lead times

60 days

Closest shipping ports

Ship worldwide through the national exportation program Exporta Fácil from Correos del Ecuador. Up to 4 days.