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Main Contact
Andra Clitan
Tel: (0040) 743889260

Key products/services

Womenswear made through multicultural crafts and modern techniques.


MA RA MI is a platform where multicultural crafts become limited edition designs rendered through modern techniques, sustainable fabrics and preserving the craftsmanship.

The brand was created by designer Andra Clitan in her desire to make a fusion between Romanian traditional art and costumes with different cultures from all over the world. She believes that, beyond their functionalities, clothes should be statement pieces. They should tell a story and strengthen an individual’s identity, giving significance in perpetuating traditional clothing as testaments to history.

MA RA MI seeks to redefine what is desirable based on the most precious elements of national identity – a powerful hallmark of originality, manifested in shape, texture, ornamentation and chromatics.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

MA RA MI creates exclusive designs using traditional crafts from different countries and cultures; a way to bring awareness for the disadvantaged countries or geographical areas in the world.

Going “beyond borders”, the brand makes people from different cultures work together, and clients will receive more than just a garment, but the demonstration of a craft and the story of a person or maybe a nation behind it.

The aim is to come up with products made ecologically and locally, thus creating less polluting proposals, reviving natural dyes and returning to timber, fur, hide, textile, ceramic and glass; original arts and crafts materials. In many cases the works come in limited numbers or on commission, and therefore minimise the damage done to the planet.

MA RA MI has an important contribution in preserving traditional crafts such as felt production, hand weaved fabrics and different types of embroideries from Transylvania, Romania.

Collaborations between designers and craftspeople have opened up new dialogues across borders, developing communities which have successfully been taught to be more self-sufficient and independent, maintaining their identities while telling their stories to the world market.

The company employed a significant number of house wives from remote villages in Romania, while paying them fair wages. Also, MA RA MI used hand woven “pina” and “abaca” fabrics made in the Philippines by local people, promoting them internationally; and another way to create work opportunities for Filipinos was within the team in Romania, for the website and graphic design materials, a multicultural exchange experience.

Pricing information

Wholesale: €250

Retail: €425

Products and services

dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories

Minimum order criteria

50 pieces

Typical Product lead times

1 month

Closest shipping ports

Shipping from Romania, with EMS or other couriers, subject to customer request and agreement.