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L&E London

United Kingdom
Main Contact
Lidia Jovanovska
Tel: (7795) 822844

Key products/services

L&E is committed to deliver quality and practicality over quantity, creating exclusive handcrafted, versatile, ethical masterpieces to ensure every customer feels special.


L&E London handcrafts chic, practical handbags and accessories for the ethical at heart, jet-setting go-getter.

The product is specifically designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern individual who is always on-the-go with stylish, versatile design to take you from the airport, to the office and then to a cocktail party in seconds.

All handbags and accessories are made to complement each other using an Add-A-Bag system, you can securely add and remove any item according to your day and your lifestyle.

L&E uses strictly high quality, brand new, up-cycled or recycled materials. The latest collection is made out of recycled cellulose and natural fibre compressed into a faux-leather. No leather is used to make any of the items.

The collections are produced in small series with personalisation options. The Limited Edition has only 5 pieces made per colour per model, making it the next best thing to bespoke, at an affordable price point.

L&E London’s e-shop was launched in 2015 and presented to the open public for the first time at London Fashion Week in September 2015.

The brand is already gathering attention from the press and discerned department stores worldwide.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Being an avid environmentalist, Lidia strives to undress ethical issues in Fashion, promoting handcrafted, eco-sustainable collections and awareness.

To craft her product Lidia went to the place she remembered from her childhood, Skopje’s old town. To her surprise what used to be craftsman central, was now replaced by craftsman trading Chinese products.

In collaboration with the Macedonian government, Lidia founded a handcrafting studio to help revive the dying craftsmanship in her native country thus Studio L&E opened its doors in 2014.

It now employs experienced craftsman and holds apprenticeship programmes, in order to nurture young local talent.

All items handcrafted in the studio are numbered, signed and dated by the craftsmen themselves, humanising the process and making the production completely traceable. The studio is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly to a very high standard.

L&E holds apprenticeship programmes, with backing from the Government which are training the next generation as they scale their production to meet a growing demand. L&E also collaborates with suppliers to keep on innovating in the sector of non-animal, recycled, eco-friendly materials.


Ethical stores, concept stores, opinion leading department stores.

• 30-45 years old
• Professional in a senor position
• Good disposable income
• Travels quite often
• Conscious consumer
• Lives in a metropolitan city

Pricing information

Wholesale price: £60-£185 (GBP)

Retail price: £160-£520 (GBP)

Products and services

Modernly stylish, handcrafted vegan accessories and tote bags.

Minimum order criteria


Typical Product lead times

3-6 months if not in stock