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Poco Rosso

United Kingdom
Main Contact
Emma Parkinson
Tel: (7876) 522341

Key products/services

Essential organic Kid clothing at supermarket prices.


Poco Rosso was born from the necessity to build an high quality yet affordable kid-wear fashion brand.

Products are made of a blend of hemp and organic cotton, they are characterized by simple design, good quality and low prices!

Poco Rosso clothing are very much versatile, for all kind of kids. The range consists of: dresses, turtle neck long sleeved tops, raglan tops, leggings, hoodies and sweatpants. You can mix and match the collection thanks to a large choice of funky colours: dark green, red, grey, cobalt blue.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Ethics is at the core of how Poco Rosso operates.

The business is mainly run online so Poco Rosso has a very little impact on the environment.

Poco Rosso sources the hemp from China, assuring the best quality on the market.
The factory were clothing are manufactured is also based in China. Poco Rosso makes sure that the factory respects ethical and sustainable mandates.

Products are also tested for chemicals according to the textile regulations.

Poco Rosso brings to the market a product of high quality, good design, and affordable prices. By doing that, Poco Rosso aims at offering organic cotton to a large target of consumers.


Pricing information

Wholesale: £4.10 – £7.35 (GBP)

Retail: £9.95 – £16.95 (GBP)

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Typical Product lead times

At the moment all products are available in stock so shipping is immediate.

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