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Deux Mains

Main Contact
Isabel Walker

Key products/services

Modern Haitian footwear and accessories empowering the world’s most marginalized.


Deux Mains evolved from its nonprofit partner and incubator, REBUILD globally (RG). RG was founded in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Months after the earthquake, founder Julie Colombino recognized that the Haitian people had moved beyond just surviving. They needed to rebuild their lives – and for that they needed dignified, living-wage employment. Under REBUILD, Julie and four Haitian survivors constructed a workspace in a tent and began crafting sandals out of tires they found in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

In 2015, RG spun the sandal workshop off into Deux Mains, its own for-profit Haitian social business. After years of investing in the craftsmanship of the local people, high fashion sandals, leather totes, and accessories are now available in the global marketplace.

Notably, Deux Mains secured a critical partnership with internationally renowned philanthropist and designer Kenneth Cole and created the “Love Haiti Sandals” collection. The partnership will continue through 2016 with additional designs.

Deux Mains distinguishes itself with its business structure that focuses on high fashion to fight poverty. Partner, RG trains, equips and empowers local Haitians to become skillfully trained leaders and craftsmen of Deux Mains. RG also continues to invest in the infrastructure and training necessary to support local business ownership and ensure the survivors who dreamt of its inception are driving the Haiti enterprise. The model addresses the critical issues of unemployment and the conditions of destitute families by supporting a strong return to economic independence, while producing high-end fashion products for the consumer marketplace.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

As a registered for-profit business, Deux Mains designs abides by all labor laws, tax policies and cultural norms that many co-ops and missions groups are able to avoid by choosing to exist as an non-profit organization.

All employees receive a dignified income that empowers them to reunite their families, provide themselves with food and medical care, send their children to school, and accumulate savings for long-term stability. Employees participate in in-depth training programs and business skill development workshops to increase their independence. To ensure local ownership and continued support of the Haitian economy, several craftsmen and women are not only employees of the business, but shareholders of the company as well.

Craftsmen and women enjoy a safe and guarded aerated workshop that is constantly being improved upon and invested in. Deux Mains designs and REBUILD globally work tirelessly to provide the best machinery and equipment to ensure safe production.

Additionally, Deux Mains incorporates upcycled and recycled materials into all of their products and are working with other local organizations to help them utilize similar tactics. Over the past 5 years, they have up-cycled more than 9,000 tires into sustainable fashion products. Each pair of sandals crafted prevents approximately 10 kg of CO2 from being emitted into earth’s atmosphere.

This intentional multi pronged approach to end poverty in Haiti allows them to have an exponential impact on the local economy and is a critical way they distinguish themselves from other existing organizations.

Pricing information

Wholesale : $7 – $100

Retail : $14 – $200

Minimum order criteria

48 pcs

Typical Product lead times

2-4 weeks

Closest shipping ports

Ships worldwide from Florida.