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Dampfaergevej 2A
Copenhagen DK-2100
Main Contact
Maria Glaesel

Key products/services

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


AIAYU is rooted in quality and love for Bolivian made products. AIAYU means soul in the indigenous language of Bolivia: aymará and describes so well what it is, products full of soul and love from the origin.

AIAYU was created out of just one material and one producer – always striving for the best and keeping the concept simple and transparent. The designs are new classics, lasting long beyond fashion, colors and shapes. Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it, is the greatest.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Aiayu uses 4 different high quality materials:

-Llama fibre: one of the worlds best and most durable wool qualities. The fibre structure is hollow and longer than other wools – making it long-lasting and unlikely to peel.

-Cotton: all Aiayu cotton products are entirely made with organic indian cotton (no use of pesticides).

-Yak: yak products are made of the yak khulu, which is the finest and softest fibre selection from the Yak.

-Cashmere: All Aiayu cashmere is refined in Nepal, as the Nepali have tradition and great expertise of doing so. Some of the cashmere products are made by hand, others are mashine made.

Contact Info

For general inquires or questions email [email protected]