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Main Contact
Franco Mena
Tel: (+593) 988513977

Key products/services

Handmade footwear from Ecuador.


PANCHOS is an Ecuadorian based footwear brand founded in 2012, that believes in quality and fair trade practices.

Through handmade processes and time-honoured techniques they create superior quality footwear that are built to last. They work with artisan-crafted canvas, sustainably produced and sourced locally in Ecuador.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Pancos strives to grow its business with the same honesty and integrity as used to craft their products.

At Pancos they only use natural fibres in the sole which guarantees a product that is comfortable and keeps feet cool. For the top of the shoe, organic leather and soft cotton canvas are used. The highest certification standards ensures that no harmful chemicals that find their way into the sandals.

The materials come from suppliers in Ecuador, in order to boost the local economy by providing jobs. Their artisans are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. They learn valuable skills while receiving the support they need to improve the lives of their families.

The brand’s main goal is to add more indigenous people to our team in order to help restore the tradition of elaborating handmade footwear and to help them improve their lifestyles.


Men and women between 16-35.

Pricing information

Wholesale: around £17 (GBP)

Retail: £48 – £52 (GBP)

Products and services

Handmade espadrilles for men and women.

Minimum order criteria

100 pairs.

Typical Product lead times

10 days.

Closest shipping ports

Ships from Ecuador with Fedex. It take approximately 10-15 days.