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Global Mamas

Main Contact
Alice Grau
Tel: (612) 3859007

Key products/services

Fair Trade, handmade clothing and accessories from Ghana.


Founded in 2003, the Global Mamas community works together to create prosperity for African women and their families.

Global Mamas define prosperity as going beyond financial well-being to include happiness and good health. Global Mamas achieve prosperity by creating and selling unique, handcrafted products of the highest quality. Being able to do the work they love and being empowered by financial independence leads to greater happiness.
Global Mamas realize their dreams of having the opportunity to support their families, send their children to school, improve their health, and save for the future.

Global Mamas was founded by six Ghanaian women and two American women who desired to see business women empowered. Now, Global Mamas represent a community of over 400 producers and over 300 retail partners.

The artisans produce beautiful, handmade batik clothing, accessories, and home decor as well as recycled glass bead jewelry and ornaments, and shea butter skin care products.

Ethical Certification/Memberships

  • Fairtrade certified
  • WFTO member

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Traditionally, women’s skills and financial contributions are undervalued in Ghana.
Global Mamas puts an emphasis on creating space for women to succeed as entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence. Global Mamas maintains an open-door policy and encourage producers and customers to examine operations and ask questions about financial data.

Global Mamas provides raw materials needed for production in advance, acting as a 50% advance payment. Fair and prompt payments are made shortly after items are delivered to Global Mamas. Steady and continuous orders ensure that their business is a sustainable source of income. All payment rates are set through an open dialogue.

Global Mamas guarantees that children are not involved in the production of our products.

Global Mamas helps business owners enhance their entrepreneurial skills by coordinating workshops in areas such as bookkeeping & financial management, marketing, fair trade principles, etc.

To cultivate environmental stewardship, Global Mamas developed a line of products that fully utilize our textile scraps so that the producers don’t have to burn them. Almost all of our beads are made from recycled glass and all are handmade in Ghana. Global Mamas sources local materials, such as our beads and shea butter, whenever possible.

Pricing information

Wholesale: $3- $32 (USD)

Retail: $6 – $70 (USD)

Products and services

Womenswear, children swear and accessories such as bags and jewelry.

Minimum order criteria

No minimums

Typical Product lead times

4-8 weeks.

Closest shipping ports

Shipping from the United States, Ghana, or some locations in Europe upon request, with USPS and Fed Ex, unless otherwise requested.

Shipping typically takes no longer than 1-2 weeks.