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Naledi Copenhagen

Main Contact
Mary Sini
Tel: (44) 75 284 99783

Key products/services

Sustainable luxury ostrich leather bags.


Naledi Copenhagen is the international brainchild of two friends, Italian Mary Sini and Ukrainian Natalka Hansen, who met each other while living next door in Cape Town. Having educational backgrounds in astrophysics and political science, and coming from fast paced careers in large multinational companies, the couple could claim to be possibly the most unlikely duo to ever start a fashion brand.

Yet it was the combination of the beautiful ostrich leather and the prospect of artisan manufacturing in South Africa, that inspired Mary and Natalka to stray away from the established careers into the exciting world of new and unknown, and create their first collection.

They decided to focus on a lesser known type of ostrich – rough and scaly ostrich leg leather – to show that the highly popular, and same time highly critisized “reptillic” look can be achieved without any ethical baggage – by using 100% sustainable ostrich leather.

The collection has been launched in Denmark in 2010 and today is successfully sold by high-end boutiques throughout Scandinavia. Naledi Copenhagen bags are a frequent feature on the red carpets and count Crown Princess Mary of Denmark among their fans.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

The issue of sustainability is a cornerstone on which Naledi Copenhagen is based and permeates all areas of business. Two areas however deserve a special mention:

1. Promoting ostrich as a sustainable alternative to other exotic skins

Ostriches are non-endangered and 100% farmed, as opposed to f.x. python. Ostrich leather is a by-product of the large ostrich meat production industry. The entire bird is consumed, including meat, leather, feathers, fat and eggs. Ostrich farming creates tens of thousands jobs in the remote rural areas in South Africa, where few other work opportunities exist for the local communities.

2. Artisan manufacturing

All Naledi Copenhagen bags are handcrafted by small artisan factories in South Africa and EU. The brand supports preservation of rare human skills and promote the idea of longstanding relationships between designers and manufacturers, based on trust and mutual success. Naledi Copenhagen’s manufacturers are carefully handpicked and share the vision of sustainable luxury and our code of ethics. Naledi Copenhagen knows personally the people who make the products. The close personal relationship with manufacturers ultimately ensures Naledi Copenhagen can deliver the highest quality for the products which last for many years. Naledi Copenhagen offers to its clients a much higher degree of customization compared to a typical brand. Naledi Copenhagen supports the principle of buying less, but buying exactly what you want, and making it last.

Pricing information

Wholesale: €160 – €1000

Retail: €400 – €2500

Products and services

Ethically designed Ostrich clutches, Ostrich bags, fine leather bags and beautiful scarves.

Minimum order criteria

€2000, some minimums per style apply

Typical Product lead times

8-10 weeks.

Closest shipping ports

Deliver orders globally via courier or airfreight from warehouse in Denmark.
Shipping typically takes from a couple days to a week, depending on destination.