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Henrica Langh

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Henrica Langh

Key products/services

Sustainable and unique ready-to-wear created for people who put their heart into what they wear.


Inspired by a dual love of both fashion and art, Henrica Langh combines fashion design with artistic elements to create conceptual and avant garde collections as well as ready-to-wear clothing.

All ready-to-wear collections by Henrica Langh are designed and produced with respect for the surrounding world without compromising design and style. Creativity, respect, and quality are important parts of the brand’s anatomy and sustainability is incorporated in the process of each garment from start to finish, down to the smallest details.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Conscious design, organic and sustainable materials, ethical small-scale and made-to-order production, clothes designed to be easy to dispose of. Sustainable materials and processes are used whenever possible and sustainability is taken into account in every detail.

Contact Info

Products and sales: [email protected]