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Main Contact
Stenvinkel Lisa
Tel: +46739565698

Key products/services

Cork accessories in minimalist Scandinavian design.


15:21 is a Stockholm-based brand with a love for simplistic and functional design. Offering high-quality accessories in smooth and trendy cork, the 15:21 collection is a unique blend of Scandinavian minimalism and nature’s own aesthetics.

Launched in 2015, the brand is run by the brother-sister team Fredrik and Lisa Stenvinkel.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

All 15:21 products are made of bark from the cork oak tree. Cork is a 100% natural resource. The oaks grow with zero human input: no pesticides or artificial application of water. By working with cork, 15:21 ensures a clean and sustainable production process which in turn, guarantees products that are natural, recyclable and hypoallergenic.

15:21’s materials are sourced in northern Portugal. For many of the local communities there, cork production is an important factor for social and economic development. It combines centuries-old tradition with modern day practices that are leading the way in sustainability. 15:21 sources Portuguese cork and supports Portuguese cork production because of the added value is brings to local nature, culture and future.

Pricing information

Wholesale: 15-20€

Retail: 40-50€

Products and services

Cork accessories.

Minimum order criteria

No minimum orders.

Typical Product lead times

Depending on order quantity. Up to 2 months for orders larger than 500 pieces.

Closest shipping ports

DHL worldwide shipping from Portugal.