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KOCO: Knit One Change One

Main Contact
Danielle Chiel

Key products/services

KOCO is a new global certified production that offers premium brands and luxury designers a solution and hand knit production.


The two key elements of KOCO:
• Volume and or small orders hand knitted production garments of the highest grade on the planet.
• A transparent and worthy solution to their fair trade
commitments by educating rural unskilled women,
giving them the use of KOCO workplaces.

Current and past clients include Vogue magazine own brand, JH Cutler, see/ request pdf profile for more.

KOCO can produce small and volume hand knit orders. Please contact for a quote.

Ethical Focus & Policy

KOCO are aware brands and designers out there care but also how much time and costs they have to allocate to their production to show their consumers the causes the brand supports and prove they care. KOCO alleviate all that.

KOCO improves the lives of unskilled rural women, in developing nations.

E D U C AT E :
Each rural woman receives a six month course, designed by Danielle with full mentoring by a previously trained knitter, fully monitored and encouraged throughout until her skills are honed.
Her knitting is precise and her output flawless.

E M P O W E R :
KOCO creates hubs for the artisans, a place of work with a physically, intellectually, and emotionally supportive environment. Working conditions are negotiated by the women themselves. As the norm,they work six hours a day, six days a week and have a one-hour lunch break.

E M P L O Y :
Well that’s where you, the brand or designer come in. Now KOCO have Changed One, they need you to help them Knit One. KOCO wants to hear from designers, brands and seek quality, volume hand knitted production.

Contact Info

Please email Danielle and she will assure your email is directed to the correct person. Please do see or request our pdf profile.


Products and services

We produce all product categories involving hand knitting, volume and small orders welcome.

Minimum order criteria

5 pieces

Maximum order criteria

None within reason

Typical Product lead times


Sampling policy: charge for samples