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Laura Zabo Ltd.

Harmony Place
London SE8 3FE
United Kingdom
Main Contact
Laura Zabo

Key products/services

Zabo believes in using creativity and imagination to make sustainable, vegan products which have a positive impact on the world.


Laura Zabo strives to create a cleaner world by using creativity and imagination to make sustainable, cruelty-free products.

Zabo’s innovative and eclectic fashion accessory range includes belts, bags, jewellery, bow ties, skirts, dresses, dog leads, guitar straps, home décor, flip flops, sandals and car tyre shoe soles – and the collection is constantly growing.

Zabo also supplies shoemakers with high quality shoe soles of any shape and the ZABO eco sandal design is registered in the EU with interchangeable straps. Zabo has a new collection of clothing made of sustainable materials and inner tubes.

Tyre rubber is a fantastic alternative to leather and is highly durable and flexible. Right now on landfills there are billions of worn or rejected scrap tyres going to waste, which could be put to good use. This is the ZABO mission.

Laura ZABO Ltd was established in 2016.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Every product we create is made out of scrap tyres, inner tubes and ethically sourced materials.

Zabo saves tonnes of tyres from landfills and creates high quality goods including shoe soles.


Zabo saves and collects materials from landfills in collaboration with a Hungarian based company who cuts the car tyres.
Zabo products are sold in USA : www.onesavvymother.com()
France: www.adoptezuneordure.fr()

Pricing information

Re/upcycled car tyre shoe soles for shoemakers cost £4-£7, depending on quantity.

Products and services

Zabo supplies high quality rejected car tyre shoe soles. These soles are eco-friendly, soft and very durable – the perfect components for eco-friendly and vegan shoe, sandal and flip flop collections.

Car tyre shoe soles are absolutely waterproof, durable and non slip.

Minimum order criteria

No minimum order

Maximum order criteria

Maximum 20,000 pairs

Typical Product lead times

3000 pairs /month

Closest shipping ports

Shipping details depends on quantity.
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