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Eternal Creation

Main Contact
Andy Showell-Rogers
Tel: +61 2 8007 3373

Key products/services

Bold and vibrant fashion for men, women and children.


Eternal Creation, established in 1999, is known for its flamboyant use of colour, high quality tailoring, classic designs and amazing attention to detail.

Eternal Creation designs boys and girls wear from 2 to 12 years, babies garments from newborn to 36 months, and women’s fashion, sleepwear and accessories.

Founded on the belief that human rights must be upheld and that everyone should be treated equally, Eternal Creation strives to provide a stable and safe working environment. They offer a free crèche, assistance with school fees, training, fair pay and excellent job security.

Eternal Creation is a full member of FTAANZ (the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand) and the Himalayan Tailoring Centre where all the products are made. They also operate under the Indian Fair Trade Association.

Ethical Certification/Memberships

  • Fairtrade certified

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Eternal Creation’s garments are all hand made at the Himalayan Tailoring Centre in Dharamsala, North India. They strive to produce high quality fashionable garments for a competitive market, while maintaining good working conditions, fair pay and high employee morale at the centre.

Eternal Creation has a low staff turnover, and employees receive holiday pay, sick pay, maternity & paternity pay, as well as 5 and 10 year service awards. To encourage them to educate their children, employees children’s school fees are paid, and regular health check-ups are encouraged. Lunches are home cooked, and morning and afternoon chai is provided in the garden.

The Visible Factory is developing initiatives to become a ‘zero waste’ production facility. The Visible Factory is developing initiatives to become a ‘zero waste’ production facility and are on schedule to achieve this by the end of 2016.

Many of their tailors and staff come from disadvantaged backgrounds with little or no formal education. Giving them a sense of pride and place in the world, they are actively encouraged to improve their skill levels at the workplace, as well as plan for their children’s future.

Eternal Creation pay employees’ school fees. In cases where children attend government schools, they pay the costs of textbooks and uniforms. This encourages staff to keep their children in school to year 12 (many employees only attended school to grade 7), and gives them an opportunity to improve the quality of their children’s education without the added financial burden.

Contact Info

For wholesale enquiries: fairtrade@eternalcreation.com

For shop/general contact: shop@eternalcreation.com

Himalaya Tailoring Centre: +91 1892 223078 / 223083


Pricing information

Wholesale: $15 – $49 (AUD)

Retail: $29 – $99 (AUD)

Minimum order criteria


Typical Product lead times

4-6 weeks

Closest shipping ports

Ships worldwide from India.