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Himalaya Tailoring Centre Logo

Himalaya Tailoring Centre

Nandini Cottage
Khanayara Road, Ram Nagar
Dharamshala 176215
Main Contact
Andy Showell-Rogers

Key products/services

Fair trade production in the Himalayas.


The Himalaya Tailoring Centre is a Fair Trade certified design and production workshop located in Dharamsala, North India. The team of tailors can make a wide range of children’s, women’s and menswear, including fashion items, casualwear, sleepwear and accessories.

At the Himalaya Tailoring Centre, they strive to produce the highest possible quality garments for a competitive market, while maintaining good working conditions, fair pay and high employee morale. These guiding principles inform all decisions that relate to the running of the workshop and staff are encouraged to get involved in all decision-making process.

Himalaya Tailoring Centre was created to improve the lives of Tibetan refugees and local Indians by providing stable employment and training in beautiful surroundings and promote friendship between the two communities.

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  • Embroidery
  • Handstitching
  • Pattern Maker
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Ethical Focus & Policy

Eternal Creation’s products are all hand made at their own Himalayan workshop. Staff are encouraged to get involved in the decision-making process, and often offer their own suggestions and improvements.

The tailors are paid monthly, based on the number of items made. The piece rates are set by the tailors themselves which determine the costings and retail price.

Part time staff receives a monthly salary with overtime pay, paid public holidays, and the same sickness and maternity benefits as the tailors. Full time staff receives the same benefits as the other staff with the addition of 3 weeks annual paid holiday. Both men and women get paid maternity leave plus a bonus.

Trainee tailors are ensured a fair minimum wage until they get up to speed, while experienced tailors can earn very good salaries for their profession. Free training schemes in English, computers and specialised tailoring techniques are provided.

The workshop has a low staff turnover, with many of the tailors employed for 5 or more years. Himalaya Tailoring Centre does not lay off employees during slow periods. Himalaya Tailoring Centre hosts annual staff parties, “tailor of the month” awards and bonuses for the most improved staff members in different areas. All employees get Diwali (Indian) or Losar (Tibetan) holiday bonuses.

Himalaya Tailoring Centre is a certified member of the Fair Trade Forum India (affiliated with the World Fair Trade Organization).


Himalaya Tailoring Centre produces their own label, Eternal Creation.