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United Kingdom
Main Contact
Christopher Stopes
Tel: (44) 7966463489

Key products/services

Not-for-profit global organic textile standard.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the textile standard that sustainable companies insist on. GOTS goes beyond organic standards for farming, and sets strict sustainability standards for the whole of the supply chain: processing, manufacturing, packaging and labelling.

‘Made with organic’ is not enough if labour conditions are unsafe, and processing chemicals pollute the water. Watch the GOTS Simple Show Video for a quick introduction.

See the GOTS Compare from Field to Fashion leaflet to understand the difference between conventional and GOTS organic cotton.

GOTS has a public database that anyone can use to search for producers and products and check the certification number that is on the GOTS label.

GOTS approves 17 international certification bodies, including the Soil Association, to certify organic textiles made from at least 70% certified organic natural fibres. Please visit the GOTS website for more information.

Ethical Certification/Memberships

  • Soil Association certified
  • GOTS certified
  • Textile exchange member
  • WRAP
  • JOCA

Key to symbols (PDF, 2MB)

Ethical Focus & Policy

The GOTS stamp of approval means every link in the textile supply chain has been audited against ecological and social criteria, and is traceable.

GOTS is based on the use of organically produced fibre (cotton, wool, silk, linen etc.). Ecological criteria mean that chemicals that can pollute the soil, water and air are prohibited (Greenpeace Detox campaign). This protects the health of the workers and means that residues of these chemicals don’t appear in the clothes we wear.

Packaging must be recyclable. Social criteria ensure that GOTS meets the International Labour Organisation requirements for safe working conditions, the rights of workers to organise, and child labour is banned.

Consumers choosing a textile product with the GOTS logo and certification know it has been independently verified and that neither people nor the planet have been harmed during production. The wearer is also protected.


Textile, fashion, apparel brands, manufacturers, traders, processors.

Products and services

1. Sets and keeps under review standards for organic textiles based on the use of organic fibre

2. Connects brands and designers with suppliers and manufactures in the GOTS network

3. Approves international certification bodies