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Fée Uhssi Multicultural & Ethical Fashion Logo

Fée Uhssi Multicultural & Ethical Fashion

3 Fox House
Maysoule Road
London SW11 2BX
United Kingdom
Main Contact
Felli Uhssi
Tel: (7903) 676648

Key products/services

Ethical luxury fashion for women


Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is a fashion label offering womenswear created with high quality textiles and fabrics ethically produced and sourced.

The brand was founded in the UK by Franco-Nigerian Paris born designer Felli Uhssi Ubrette aka Fée Uhssi. The name of the brands reflects the designer double identity and multicultural background, and her love for textiles, fashion and style.

Fée Uhssi loves playing with colours and prints, her work is a constant research on finding the harmony while blending tones, prints, textures, styles, looks, and cultures taking inspiration from all over the world. Her aim is to marry her interpretations of concepts from Haute Couture and fashion from Paris and London with African fashion to come up with truly unique designs. The brand is all about balance, harmony, beauty and unity in diversity.

Fée Uhssi’s design take their inspiration from as much as haute couture then as modern fashion and trends. The result is a stylish line using quite simple and classical cuts while standing out with a unique look. An elegant and stylish line with cuts largely inspired by Paris fashion with an African touch.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

The idea behind Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is to offer sustainable stylish clothing produced with love, no pain, no harm and no waste.

Fée Uhssi works alongside local organisations in UK, Africa and India to support developing sustainable structures across the world within the textile and fashion industry.

Fée Uhssi works to promote the use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials and hand craft techniques and skills and to raise awareness of issues in fashion and textile industry.

Fée Uhssi is also working in partnership with her mother designer and artist Kati Ertel to run a charity named Bolono Mali an organisation aiming to promote and preserve handmade work and traditional techniques of textiles and art making.
The charity supports local artists and produce textiles naturally and handmade following the ancestral traditional techniques of Bogolan or mudcloth.
Fée Uhssi uses principally textiles produced by the charity and other local craftsmen in Africa.
Bolono Mali also launched a women project to support work and education opportunities for women in Mali West Africa and produce a homeware range handmade with natural local African cotton.


Pricing information

Wholesale: £10 – £200 (GBP)

Retail: £20 – £300 (GBP)

Typical Product lead times

3 to 4 weeks.

Closest shipping ports

Shipping worldwide.