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Raven + Lily

2406 Manor Rd.
Austin, TX 78722
United States
Main Contact
Kirsten Dickerson
Tel: +1 512 236 1378

Key products/services

Raven + Lily is an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design.


The Raven + Lily Brand was created as a platform to offer talented female artisans design input and market access to alleviate poverty and improve their livelihood.

Raven + Lilly has enlarged its production over the years and now offers a wide variety of products such as: womenswear and accessories, home decors and paper products.

Raven + Lily is committed to providing beautiful and unique modern minimalist products that are made by hand, follow fair trade standards, and honour an eco-friendly commitment.

The brand currently works in India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Guatemala, Malaysia, Cambodia, USA, Haiti, and Peru.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Raven + Lily employ over 1,500 women around the world to create their collections. These women are employed at fair trade wages to give them access to a safe job, sustainable income, healthcare, education, and a real chance to break the cycle of poverty. Benefits of their empowerments reach out thousands of children and community members.

As a certified B-Benefit Corporation, Raven + Lily is committed to:

— Employing at risk, impoverished women to improve their livelihood;
— Eco-friendly practices in our sourcing of materials and our design processes;
— Honouring traditional artisan crafts and techniques
providing sustainable fair trade wages;
— Creating exclusive, modern designs that reflect the beauty and culture of the women who made them;
— Donating back to their artisan communities for healthcare and educational needs.

Here is a story from Raven + Lily CEO, Kirsten Dickerson’s, recent trip to India: Ferdoz is one of the artisans employed by Raven + Lily. She has five daughters and has seen firsthand the way women are being respected in her community as a result of their employment.

“Before we used to just sleep, eat, and wait for a husband. Now we are business women and are becoming famous around the world and it feels great.”

The Ethical Fashion Forum awarded Raven + Lily with the 2013 award for Sustainable Brand Leader for Jewellery and they also received the CLASSY Award for Philanthropic Business of the Year in 2012. Raven + Lily was named the Best for the World in Community Impact in 2015.


Target clients are stylish, socially-conscious women ages 25-40.

Contact Info

Sales Inquiries:
Jackie Gilles

PR Inquiries:
Cory Sarg
Los Angeles/New York
(619) 795-4505


Pricing information

Wholesale: $3 – $110 (USD)

Retail: $7 – $242 (USD)

Products and services

Hand-embroidered cotton apparel from Pakistan, recycled brass jewelry from Kenya, beads from Ethiopia, up cycled apparel, organic cotton totes, make up bags and home goods from Cambodia.

Minimum order criteria


Typical Product lead times

3-5 days to ship for in-season orders if product is available.

Closest shipping ports

Shipping from the U.S. to any country.

Shipping partners: UPS for U.S. orders and DHL for international orders.