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Aikya Designs

United Kingdom
Main Contact
Sandra Moore

Key products/services

Designs produced with the uniqueness of the wearer in mind.


Aikya is sanscrit for harmony, being at one with yourself and your environment. Aikya Designs, is the fashion brand of Sandra Moore. She uses fabrics that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Aikya Designs uses natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, tencel and silk.

The line currently includes babywear, childrenswear, womenswear and menswear, namely tops, and t-shirts. Designs are bespoke, limited editions and a collection of recurring designs and the vision. The desire is for the wearer of the garments/designs to feel ‘connected’ to their clothing/accessory.

Sandra Moore wants customers to know and feel that what they are wearing has been produced with love, care and consideration to the environment, and that the team of people who have been involved in the production of their garment/accessory have been treated fairly and are working in safe and comfortable environments. Each item produced will have an appropriate quote, haiku, mantra or a short prose to symbolise the story behind it.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Aikya Designs aim to use responsibly sourced fabrics/garments that have been ethically produced and made from sustainable materials. A small amount of items may be used where there may not be a sourcing history such as items bought from charity shops for up-cycling or off cuts of material that are being disposed of.

The dyes that are used are organic and sourced ethically. Where possible, materials are sourced within the UK to cut down on the carbon footprint. If is not possible to source within the UK, Aikya Designs will use companies within the UK and abroad that are listed within the Ethical Fashion Forum Database. Products are not mass produced and only a limited number of items are made.

Pricing information

Wholesale: £10-15 depending on item

Retail: £18 and upwards

Minimum order criteria

1 item

Maximum order criteria

50 items

Typical Product lead times

5-15 days