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Patagonia 1231
Main Contact
Tel: +54 11 48070928

Key products/services

Culturally Andean inspired womenswear.


Animaná is a social business which promotes the revival of culture, the arts and ancient secrets of the Andes. It also promotes fair trade, local development and incorporating added value to natural fibres of the area.

Animaná offers an alternative way of production, consumption and marketing models common today. It coexists with the environment, culture, modern lifestyle, knowledge, technology and inhabitants of our planet.

Animaná is looking for buyers who have a chain of stores, who can provide and afford a long term commercial relation. Their aim is to build B2B relations with consumers and boutiques.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Animaná makes products under the principles of sustainability respecting the life cycle of the product using a cradle to cradle approach.

Animaná commitment is for the long term, through green manufacturing, the use of natural bres, ancestral techniques, recycling and ecological use of materials.
Animaná promotes sustainable design and care for the enviroment making the smallest environmental impact possible.

Animaná gets inspired by an ancient art with more than 5000 years of history. Animaná understands the truth of the Andes, its wisdom and its secrets. Animaná builds bridges whereby cultural knowledge and information can contribute to a more ethical and responsible economy; where a high level of social commitment and revalorization of local identity combine to make a richer world.


Pricing information

Wholesale: $45 – $500 (USD)

Retail: $90 – $2000 (USD)

Products and services

Womenswear and accessories.

Minimum order criteria

$2.000 (USD)

Typical Product lead times

Products in stock with immediate dispatch, special orders between 45 to 90 days.

Closest shipping ports

Animanà manage shipments from its distribution centers with UPS and/or dropship for E-Shops.