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Kampala Fair

Main Contact
Louise Graymore
Tel: (+263) 775 574 368

Key products/services

High quality women’s and children’s garments and home décor pieces, handmade by women in Uganda.


Inspired by the vibrancy of life in contemporary Africa, Kampala Fair is a Ugandan/Danish owned, East Africa-based fair trade company designing and producing high quality apparel and home décor. Combining European design sensibility with traditional and new African fabrics, each piece is designed with simplicity and longevity in mind.

To Kampala Fair, colour is everything and their pieces are trademarked by the use of locally sourced Kitenge (printed African fabrics). Focusing on cut and design that flatters real women, Kampala Fair wants to bring colour and confidence to women in and out of Africa. Each design is produced as a limited edition of no more than 30 garments in one specific print.

Kampala Fair is a fair trade ethical business that believes in the power of providing high quality work rather than charity. The mission is to bring gorgeously fair clothes to international customers and grow a thriving socially responsible business that provides life-changing work to women in Uganda.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Kampala Fair focuses on social impact through the provision of high quality work. They currently employ 20 staff, who between them support more than 50 children through school. Living wage salaries, social security contributions, pleasant and safe working conditions, training through a peer to peer scheme and access to loans are a few of the many benefits provided to the workers.

All fabrics are sourced from Kampalan textile markets to support the local economy. Kampala Fair is transparent about their inability to trace the fabrics, but uses no chemicals in their part of the production chain, the minimum amount of water and all fabric remnants are used to produce the homewares products.

To build on their successes, Kampala Fair is working towards WFTO accreditation and actively promotes the benefits of fair trade to all stakeholders..
Kampala Fair will continually strive to build a successful and sustainable business that supports the economic development of Uganda.


Educated women 30-50, interested in fair trade / ethical living issues, likes to look good and loves to use colour.



African Touch (stores in Copenhagen and Stockholm)

Pricing information

Wholesale price range:

Retail price range:

Minimum order criteria

12 pieces

Maximum order criteria

120 pieces

Closest shipping ports

Ship globally direct from Uganda.