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Stormie Poodle

Main Contact
Caroline von Post
Tel: (+4670) 2583570

Key products/services

Upcycled and ethically produced children’s clothes.


Stormie Poodle makes new clothes for children out of reused high quality hotel textiles.

Stormie Poodle saw a need to both create timeless clothes for children that were essentially free of chemicals while at the same time making use of a resource that otherwise would have been shredded or discarded. By closing the loop, Stormie Poodle contributes to the environment and a more circular economy.

Stormie Poodle aims to be your one-stop-shop for clothes that every young wardrobe needs.

Stormie Poodle does not churn out collections every season.
Some items are designed to grow with the child. The Sweet Daffodil collection is made out of 100% cotton and can be composted when it has reached the end of its life.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Stormie Poodle’s products are made out of reused high quality hotel textiles.
The textiles have been washed numerous times in eco-friendly detergents so most of the harmful chemicals that are found in clothes made out of virgin material have been washed out.

Stormie Poodle’s products are manufactured at the sewing workshop run by the Swedish Foundation Livslust in Latvia. Livslust supports youngsters who have grown up in orphanges or come from dysfunctional families by providing them with scholarships for secondary school studies. The garments are sewn by employed adult seamstresses, who receive a market salary. By buying Stormie Poodle’s products one is directly supporting Livslust’s work.

Stormie Poodle won the Stockholm City Innovation Contest in December 2015 for the work with closing the loops and running a business that is both ethically, health and environmentally motivated.

Pricing information

Wholesale: €20 – €70

Retail: €10 – €25

Products and services

Children’s wear.

Minimum order criteria

20 items

Typical Product lead times

It all depends on the order size.

Closest shipping ports

Shipping from Sweden using normal postal service.