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Generation Generous

United Kingdom
Main Contact
Natasha Athanasiadou
Tel: 0044 7582674080

Key products/services

Stylish bags made from discarded plastic water bottles.


Generation Generous creates only “Generous Products”. Products designed to benefit the planet, respect those involved across the supply chain, help people in need in every part of the world and provide full transparency to the consumer in every purchase

The Tote bag is made fairly and entirely from 25 discarded recycled 50cl plastic bottles. With every bag sold, a set amount is donated, depending on the symbolic colour of the thread its made with, to non-profit partners around the world working to provide basic life needs.

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Ethical Focus & Policy

Inspired while walking along busy Oxford Street on Christmas Eve 2011, Generation Generous was founded by Natasha-Marie Athanasiadou to disrupt the current fashion status quo and driven by her strong belief in the power of consumer generosity.

After years of travelling around the world designing, producing, and selling fast fashion products, Natasha had the vision of changing the way fashion impacts society and the environment but also inspire others to create change. The ethically sourced tote bag is the first step and thanks to every purchase Generation Generous are enabled to provide a human with access to basic life needs.

Sales from the tote bag have provided non-profit partners with funds that are equivalent to:
— More than 6.250 plastic bottles recycled to make bags.
— 500 hours of fair salaries paid.
— 365.000 litres of clean water to 2.500 schoolchildren.
— More than 200 people educated on nutrition and methods to reduce the incidence and recurrence of malnutrition.
— 7.500 nights of safe shelter provided to 250 children.
— 50 children kept healthy for a year by check-ups, immunisations, dental check ups and more.
— 1000 hours of English speaking courses to 250 girls who have fallen victims to human trafficking.

Generation Generous aims to reach recycle 1 million plastic bottles in the following 2 years and provide basic life needs to 150 times more people.

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Pricing information

Wholesale: 50€ – 70€

Retail: 120€ – 130€

Minimum order criteria

5 bags, one per each colour thread.

Maximum order criteria


Typical Product lead times

2-3 days.

Closest shipping ports

Ships worldwide from Athens, Greece.